Ekkasit Pinyoanuntapong (เอกสิทธิ์)

I am a Ph.D. student in the WiNS Lab at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, advised by Prof. Pu Wang. My research interests focus on the generation and understanding of 3D human bodies utilizing domain adaptation, self-supervised learning, and multimodal approaches. In my previous experience, I have worked on augmented reality, physics engine, motion detection and various animation software programs.

Selected Publications

BAMM: Bidirectional Autoregressive Motion Model

Ekkasit Pinyoanuntapong, Muhammad Usama Saleem, Pu Wang, Minwoo Lee, Srijan Das, Chen Chen

ECCV 2024.

Arxiv Webpage Github

MMM: Generative Masked Motion Model

Ekkasit Pinyoanuntapong, Pu Wang, Minwoo Lee, Chen Chen

CVPR 2024 (Highlight).

Arxiv Webpage Github

GaitMixer: Skeleton-based Gait Representation Learning via Wide-spectrum Multi-axial Mixer

Ekkasit Pinyoanuntapong, Ayman Ali, Pu Wang, Minwoo Lee, Chen Chen

ICASSP 2023.

Arxiv Github

GaitSADA: Self-Aligned Domain Adaptation for mmWave Gait Recognition

Ekkasit Pinyoanuntapong, Ayman Ali, Kalvik Jakkala, Pu Wang, Minwoo Lee, Qucheng Peng, Chen Chen, Zhi Sun


Arxiv Webpage Github

Skeleton-based Human Action Recognition via Convolutional Neural Networks

Ayman Ali, Ekkasit Pinyoanuntapong, Pu Wang, Mohsen Dorodchi

Arxiv 2023.